Summer Again

Something carried summer into town. As always, it showed up well before its calendar debut, but there’s no mistaking it for spring anymore. The mosquitoes are squeezing their way through the holes in the screens in the windows in your old apartment in Soulard. The kids are out of school and long family caravans of strollers and hand-holders start to show up at the zoo and the science center. On hot days, the sun cooks the faint smell of lavender into the air, and on humid nights, the fireflies come out to blink in the dark blue of late evening.

Spring and fall might be the more popular favorite seasons, but here in St. Louis they’re often gone so quick you can hardly get to know them before they’ve moved on. But summer arrives with a warm kiss and promises to stay awhile. ’Tis the season for working on your yard, your garden, your reading list, your car, your tan. Sweet and hot and sweaty. Frenzied and full of breath. Green pushes every other color out of the landscape. The world is awash with life.

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